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Lynx Can't Access Startfile Https


How much of my income should I put towards paying off student loans vs saving for a house? where and how i must write the user name and user password? lynx: Can't access startfile And this is what the logfile has to say about it: =INFO REPORT==== 2006-05-02 09:53:05 === I(<0.216.0>:ejabberd_listener:90): (#Port<0.1113>) Accepted connection {{127,0,0
,1},38907} -> {{127,0,0,1},5280} =INFO REPORT==== I have edited the config and done everything i could think of. check over here

Alert!: Access without authorization denied -- retrying Retrying with access authorization information. Strange. Fote ========================================================================= Foteos Macrides Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research [email protected] 222 Maple Avenue, Shrewsbury, MA 01545 ========================================================================= ; ; To UNSUBSCRIBE: Send a mail message to [email protected] ; with "unsubscribe lynx-dev" Any errors in Apache's error log? https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1504176

Lynx Can't Access Startfile Https

That said I'm not convinced that is an actual bug in Network Manager. i don't know what went wrong. When asked for user and passwd on the wedamin, use [email protected] If it still says 'Not Allowed', maybe the user is not admin at all. I am having a similar problem, with the exception that I have registered a user "admin" and "paulc" both are listed as admin users: {acl, admin, {user, "admin"}}. {acl, admin, {user,

i am also having problem in apache service pinging localhost says its alive but when i try to run httpd -t . i think it would be a magic. I installed anyother server called Wamp server, which I used to learn some PHP programming with SQL usage. Alert Unable To Connect To Remote Host Lynx Can T Access Startfile asked 2 years ago viewed 5212 times active 2 years ago Blog How Do Software Developers in New York, San Francisco, London and Bangalore… Linked 58 How do I configure proxies

It impacts memory # consumption but the difference will be quite small. # # Default: 1400 # #ERL_MAX_ETS_TABLES=1400 #. #' ERL_OPTIONS: Additional Erlang options # # The next variable allows to Lynx: Can't Access Startfile Http://localhost/whm-server-status I'm running Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS Release: 12.04 I have installed Lynx via sudo apt-get install lynx everything installed fine but when I try to connect to a I haven't modified the apache2.conf file. http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/164778/lynx-domain-shows-404-error-when-running-from-localhost But i get this from my browser right after logging in: An error occurred while loading http://im.metrored.com.mx:5280/admin: Connection to host im.metrored.com.mx is broken.

It's possible to add other hosts to this mapping file, e.g. Alert Unable To Connect To Remote Host Apache Nothing changed then. Or is it simply a change of overall system behaviour as the world becomes more IPv6 conscious, that those who like editing Apache config files by hand "should" know about? [I Add line like one of the following after you % will be successfully registered on server to get admin access: {acl, admin, {user, "schess"}}. {acl, admin, {user, "open"}}. % Blocked users:

Lynx: Can't Access Startfile Http://localhost/whm-server-status

falko, Jun 6, 2007 #6 akaiser New Member Thanks... This site is not affiliated with Linus Torvalds or The Open Group in any way. Lynx Can't Access Startfile Https Thank you in advance. Lynx Alert Unable To Connect To Remote Host I have read all of the posts, following the instructions, tryed it in lynx and tryed it in firefox, and i still cannot connect.

Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count). please help me to solve this problem.. Károly Oláh (aiden-soravis) wrote on 2010-07-06: #17 The bug still exists in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.04), with the exast same symptoms amd solutions. Before I can start to figure out which program, my computer was restarted and localhost:8080 works and showing tomcat page. Apache Localhost Not Working Mac

anyway i see the 401 error. Only things I'm suspicious are: 1. Make sure you’re entering them correctly, and then try again. i just have a similar problem and hate to open a new thread for the same thing.

Thanks! Lynx Unable To Connect To Remote Host checked the server.xml file, 8080 is the HTTP connector port: Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1" connectionTimeout="20000" redirectPort="8443" I did run the Tomcat7.exe in the \bin folder. Any idea?

httpd -t Code: Sintax OK netstat -tap Code: Active Internet connections (servers and established) Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State PID/Program name tcp 0 0 *:smtps *:* LISTEN 893/exim

robert » Login or register to post comments Without detailed information Submitted by sander on Mon, 2006-05-29 10:53. Help! i use the [email protected] username and pass or simple schess with pass but 401 and nothing else. Lynx Unable To Make Secure Connection To Remote Host Also, if I browse to http://ubuntu-server/, I get the Apache default message.

Is it worth sending a manned mission to a black hole? After reloading apache (sudo service apache2 restart), apache loads correctly the requested page. Our merchants keep turning into villains! Military Tank drone, why are they not common yet?

For example; compare to sshd, which doesn't have any trouble with Network Manager and its ipv6 behavior. Now both IPv4 locahost and IPv6 localhost clients are permitted the rules the sysadmin has manually specified, and now browsing from Firefox on the local machine works as expected. Forum Statistics Discussions: 54,076 Messages: 286,629 Members: 92,138 Latest Member: tonyelimelu Share This Page Tweet Howtoforge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials Home Forums > ISPConfig 2 > General > English | When I run lynx google.com it goes to a blank screen with a blue line at the bottom.

I trust this is sufficient testing to support my earlier diagnosis of this issue. How do I use mathmode in tables to write physics formulae? i stopped the server. Why would you not accept a free great person?

There is yellow text on the line which says "Making HTTP connection to google.com" but it just sits there. Andreas Olsson (andol) wrote on 2009-05-02: #6 @papukaija: Just for confirmation; are your problems depending on "Allow from localhost" or do they also occur using "Allow from all".