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If you need further assistance on installing then, feel free to download team viewer. Fixed all the bugs. unique: true or false/nil. Example(s): Code: self:newSpell({ channel = {1543,3}, }) EH will show as a cast the channel with spellID 1543 that hits 3 times over it's full duration Code: self:newSpell({ channeled = {

Not usable with equipment slot bars. * Paladin: Holy Shield has been fixed and folded into the CS/HotR bar, Sacred Duty added to Prot Judgement. * Warlock: Corruption bar now uses v1.9.5-3 *Class Configurations: - Fixed errant newSpell() in disc priest config. - Vampiric Touch now has a recast line - Mind Melt correctly shows on Mind Blast bar. - Added Mind Look for "config.showTrinketBars" in config.lua if you prefer to see them. * Class Config: Added an 'icon' NewSpell flag - Sets a static icon for the bar. AddGatesToList - addons/cap/lua/stargate/vgui/saddressselect.lua:890 2.

Horizon Mb

Video should be smaller than 600 MB/5 minutes Photo should be smaller than 5 MB Video should be smaller than 600 MB/5 minutesPhoto should be smaller than 5 MB Answer Questions As time goes by, the events scroll from right to left. Simply create a new file (or a copy of config.lua) named "myconfig.lua".

Videos showing EH in action: Dezzimal posted a great instructional video using a Shadow Priest for reference. This has been corrected. * Core: Most bar components and some portions of the EventHorizon window may now have their blending mode adjusted. (see note) * Config: Added config.blendModes to config.lua. Fixed requiredArtifactTalent functionality. Usage: config.hideIcons = true * Config: config.stackFont will change the font of the stack indicators.

Files There are 2 files which you can edit to change the physical appearance of EventHorizon including colors, size, global functionality and other things. Horizon Download v1.9 r377: Eep. * Core: Fixed error spam when mouseover units are being actively tracked. * Core: Increased the period between mouseover aura checks from ~100ms to ~150ms. v1.9 r327: Warlock love inc. * Core: Bypassed a check in UPDATE_SHAPESHIFT_FORM when playing a Warlock. check that There is also a how-to on customization of how EH looks below as well.

Revive used as haste comparison. - Feral/Cat: Bars reorganized to better reflect priorities. - Feral/Bear: Added Swipe CD to Pulverize. Either a spellID or a table of a spellID and it's unhasted time between ticks Example(s): Code: self:newSpell({ playerbuff = {1543, 3}, }) EH will show a buff on the player The stances start at 0 for no stance, and then as you go right on the stance bar (default UI) the next stance is 1, then 2 and so on. Arcane won't see it.

Horizon Download

Brusalk - Fri Jul 22 00:55:21 2016 -0700 Fixed ele shaman config apocalypse Brusalk - Fri Jul 22 00:54:51 2016 -0700 Added Sub Rogue Config kindly provided by Neloangelo13! v1.9 r362: SavedVariable wipe for people affected by r335 quirks. Horizon Mb Most will find the layout more intuitive than it has been in recent releases. + Moved Shadowfiend CD to the Devouring Plague bar. smallCooldown true or false/nil.

Power users and those wishing to theme EventHorizon for a specific UI, please read on to the advanced portion of this section. Some things with hard-to-find spellIDs or complex effects aren't in. Sorry about that. - Elemental: Lava Burst is back on its own bar. Closed.

Swapped to new library which should make things more consistent. Future events are on the right side, past events on the left. This file is automatically loaded, and because it loads after config.lua, the settings in myconfig.lua will always be the ones to appear in-game. Mind Flay now shares with Mind Blast, SWD shares with SWP. * Shaman: Hey look, I play one these days.

Code: self:newSpell({ debuff = 1543, }) EH will show the debuff with spellID 1543 that has no ticks. A few last things in regard to class configs: These are all individual options which can be combined together to form advanced functionality. Have fun finding them!

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Shouldn't break anything and should fix tick issues when refreshed *Class Configurations: - Warlock - - Added missing comma - - Unstable Affliction will now correctly show ticks every 2 seconds Disable config.showTrinketBars if you don't like this. (See notes 1-5) * Core: Massively improved the trinket detection. (See notes A-D) * Spent about five hours (I wish I were exaggerating) adding Please be advised that after it's release 1) I'll no longer be supporting previous versions of EventHorizon, and 2) Configuration options will most likely be lost in the transition. SetEntity - addons/cap/lua/stargate/vgui/saddressselect.lua:812 4.

Should now correctly show Hemo DoT duration - Priest: - Added PoM CD to renew bar - Paladin: - Removed spellIDs which do not exist from class configuration v1.9.5-7 *Core: - Example(s): Code: self:newSpell({ cooldown = 1543, smallCooldown = true, stance = 1, }) EH will show a small cooldown of the spell with spellID 1543 if the player is in stance You can also see cooldowns, DoTs, and their ticks (predicted in the future, and from the combat log in the past). Change Log Other Files (75) Comments (1,347) (116 Kb) Download Updated: 09-28-16 01:22 AM Add Favorite Install Help Portal Bugs Features Pictures File Info View 6 Screenshots Compatibility:Legion (7.0.3) Updated:09-28-16 01:22

Slightly widened default icon width. You're welcome, and I hope to never touch that file again. * Druid/Balance: Added Starfall. Max size of a disk (in bytes) to use on file system? Thank you!

Got a little tired of random cooldown-induced issues. * Core: The spell config cooldown flag may now be set to a spellID, to track an alternate spell for cooldown info. And now EventHorizon will have a width of 200 rather than 375. See the color section for a few examples. v1.9 r272: Not QUITE Axis, but it's getting there pretty quickly. * NEW FEATURE!

How do I set it up? The basics: * The window may be moved via the drag-handle on the upper right frame corner. If not false/nil then in order for this bar to show the player must have the glyph with spellID provided. The clunky old layout code has been completely rewritten in favor of something much more appealing to the eye. * Core: Improved spell config flag: auraunit = 'mouseover' - Now works

Notes: 1) The spell config remains compatible with previous versions, however a new syntax has been added for the NewSpell cast and channeled flags. - cast = {spellID1, spellID2, spellID3, ...} Then for any changes you want to make to EventHorizon that you do not want to change you add into myconfig.lua on a new line the line you want to change Comprehensive list of options and acceptable values and what they do: itemID: Display the cooldown of the item with itemID provided.