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How To Take Care Of Your Laptop Battery


Whenever you prop your laptop up on your bed, couch or lap, you’re likely blocking the airflow. You're more likely to damage a laptop than a desktop PC (no one has ever driven off, forgetting the desktop on top of their car), and once damaged, laptops are harder So make sure you have the latest software installed on your computer.4. Reply Scapeborglist September 3, 2013 at 9:40 pm Good list, with very endorseable suggestions. http://compsyscon.com/how-to/can-you-add-ram-to-a-laptop.html

For example, a bag with a 15.6 inch pocket for your laptop wont fit a 17.3 inch one. I just had a friend who has an old Windows laptop with XP on it and was looking to upgrade his hardware by buying another laptop. This will almost always result in wearing out the hinge sooner and may cause it to break. Clean hands make it easier to use your laptop touchpad and there will be less risk of leaving dirt and other stains on the computer. see it here

How To Take Care Of Your Laptop Battery

If you want to learn about how to care for other types of batteries, check outBattery University, a dense database of such things.)1.Don’t get too attached.When you plug your laptop in This is wrong, because like said, the calibration is meant to have your battery report the true capacity it can hold, and it's meant to avoid surprises like, for example, being It's exhausting work and worrisome because my doubts were if some of the hardware was damaged during my process or something won't work after I unplug it. Be sure to read the instructions on the can, first.

Even if you are careful, someone else might spill your drink. 2 Having antivirus software available is the best defence against a virus. If the laptop overheats, this foam may cause the laptop to combust. Shut down the PC. How To Take Care Of Your Computer Even using plastic bottle caps under the computer can help.

Also larger animals (e.g dogs) can accidentally damage them by knocking them off their support by brushing past, wagging tail, tripping over leads etc. 5 Ideally keep the computer in a How To Maintain A Laptop Performance You might have to remove the cover on the underside if there are no latches or screws visible at all. wikiHow Contributor No. High temperatures can damage your laptop battery permanently, or reduce its useful lifespan.

This can push the LCD screen into the keyboard, and will eventually damage it. How To Take Care Of Laptop Screen Guess it is helpful for anyone :) Reply Terri C September 5, 2013 at 3:21 am i have an old dell netbook bought it 4 years ago,refurbished. About half an hour later, the hard drive failed audibly and the laptop... Today's lithium batteries wear out no matter what you do, but you can postpone the inevitable.

How To Maintain A Laptop Performance

I replaced the fan with a new one for a few dollars and no more noise - actually quieter than the original! wikiHow Contributor If you generally use an external keyboard with your laptop, put it in a separate bag, as this might cause damage to the laptop or the keyboard. How To Take Care Of Your Laptop Battery But after that, aim to keep it between 40 and 80 percent. How To Take Care Of Laptop Battery Hp Pushing the drive too forcefully into its slot could jam it. 14 Check to see if labels are affixed securely before inserting media into your laptop.

It was slow, very limited, crippled really. Check This Out Fans on laptop's clogging up is another common one, so cleaning the innards of your laptop regularly is a must. Flag as duplicate Thanks! Rethink your laptop habits, or at least accept that your usage patterns will result in a battery that won't last quite so long. Laptop Maintenance Tips

Avoid heat from sunlight as well. 16 Don't leave your laptop in a car. So there’s no reason you shouldn’t treat it with the same tender loving care.Here are a few tips to ensure that your gadget’s battery has a long and happy life.(This guide wikiHow Contributor Yes. http://compsyscon.com/how-to/how-to-increase-ram-on-laptop-without-buying.html Well, then by all means do buy something new and invest into a quality product that will last you for a long time.

Software and your battery Finally, a note about your software -- keep it updated! How To Take Care Of Laptop Battery Lenovo Will it cause any to harm to the laptop or me? Think you can just leave your backpack -- with your laptop in it -- on the open shelves inside the door?

This prevents damage to the laptop.

Spill it on your laptop keyboard, and you could short out the motherboard. A good example is with the Anna Kournikova virus that has affected campus in the past; if you don't show filename extensions on your machine, the virus file appears as a Set a reminder on your phone or something.You forked over what I assume to be a ton of money for this thing, so paying attention to it once a month shouldn’t How To Take Care Of Laptop Battery Asus Less junk and malware will ensure a smooth running system.

Here are two articles for those who are inclined to try Windows on their new Windows 8 laptop: How Do I Install Ubuntu on a New Windows 8 Computer? Besides, when using the battery, there's the possibility to suspend some Operating System features that help degrading the autonomy (only in Windows Vista or higher): - Windows Aero, the theme that If you leave your laptop at home, then shut it down, close it and keep it unplugged on a desk, not a couch.You should also fully charge and discharge your computer’s have a peek here Especially when it comes to internal fans and heat sinks, it also prevents your laptop from overheating How To Fix An Overheating Laptop How To Fix An Overheating Laptop Read More

Cloud storage services or video players that you aren't using can be safely shut down. Whether or not it's a smart idea to perform a complete discharge a couple of times a year remains an unanswered question.