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Could there be some form of Hack that is creating this problem. It is very irrtating. Forcible termination of lsass.exe will result in the Welcome screen losing its account/s, prompting a restart of the machine. It has come back twice for me and it's a load of trouble.

Indra Sukmayana it shuts down system randomly and destroys exe files of othe applications Afolabi System restarts frequently and does'nt creates the network connections Gunjan Pandey lsass.exe is apparently modified by A unique security risk rating indicates the likelihood of the process being potential spyware, malware or a Trojan. if your computer begind to shutdown go to run then c computer go pzffffff when it turn off See also: Link it doesnt make the computer to boot See also: Link Description: The original lsass.exe from Microsoft is an important part of Windows, but often causes problems.

If the file is in any or all of these directories it is fine. To terminate the shutdown, go to RUN and type CMD or Command. I installed XP only about two weeks ago and it worked fine for the first week Thanx Josh Thank you ..:: AvIzOnE™ ::.. Some of these may or may not be the legitimate versions.Scan for LSASS.EXE related errors Recommendation DISABLE AND REMOVE lsass.exe IMMEDIATELY.

Pastor Don It just shut down my system after showing me acountdown for i min. Added by the WEBUS.B TROJAN! Se trouve dans le répertoire Windows, mais n'est pas un fichier de base Windows. In order to prevent malware from attacking/abusing it, make sure to keep windows updated.

This process is performed by using authentication packages such as the default Msgina.dll. Press the ENTER key. Services such as Net Logon and Security Accounts Manager use it. http://ccm.net/contents/501-lsass-lsass-exe-lsa-shell It's a WinXP vulnerable procces, he can execute remote functions, it get's infected by trojans.

Dayanand.J this file lock your computer if u leave the computer for more then 15 minuter.then u must restart. We are talking about the windows process in this web page, not the virus! its a windows file the pimpChimP So far know one has given a solution to this problem. This process is performed by using authentication packages such as the default Msgina.dll.

When LSASS.exe is corrupted by Sasser or one of its variants, it causes Windows to reboot. http://www.file.net/process/lsass.exe.html Edsel virus is having the same name as this file.. Caution, Blueyonder will tell you to search for sasser files and if you find lsass.exe to delete it - don't if it's the legit one! Use the resmon command to identify the processes that are causing your problem.

law lsass.exe is not a worm or any virus it's a os program file but sometimes it can deactivate from services rpc pawan srivastava It's a system file. It'll completely disturb my work and will always shut down every system that i'm using. Vulnerability On a security note, this process is safe. Lsass.exe, a perfectly legit running process not doing any harm.

Note - this is not the legitimate Lsass.exe system file should normally NOT figure in Msconfig/Startup! If the file does list one or more of the above sites it's likely corrupted. Any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Si lsass.exe se trouve sur un sous-répertoire de "C:\Program Files" alors la note de sécurité attribuée est 59% de dangerosité.

Make sure your computer has a hardware firewall (such as a NAT router) or software firewall program installed and running. tip: when your frustrated... Afin de s'assurer qu'il n'y a pas de lsass.exe nocif fonctionnant sur votre PC, cliquez ici pour lancer un Scan Gratuit de Malware.

Security Task Manager Windows Processes Security Task Manager What is lsass.exe?

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X Amazon.com Die, Die Salomon PC shuts down the system with code 1073741819 causes the computer to reboot! Because this file is part of Microsoft Windows users should never delete or remove this file if they think it is infected, let the antivirus program handle it. Well, all kinds of hell that caused.

This “isass.exe” is a trojan virus known as the Sasser worm. What takes place now is that when the shutdown process as initiated by NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM occurs, my Pcs dont reboot at the expiration on the counter but all other drives like The lsass.exe file is not a Windows core file. Bob The lsass.exe file is needed for logon authentication and is needed especially in a client/server environment.

If you find your computer is infected this virus is removable using the Microsoft Malware Removal tool. It worked for me. This Trojan allows attackers to access your computer from remote locations, stealing passwords, Internet banking and personal data. ive reformatted my computer several times and this virus keeps popping up.

anthony symantec associated the "sasser worm" with this Anthony Part of the Windows OP system Lisa As before has been mentioned, a completely innocent system process and a dangerous virus come lsass.exe is a lower case L. splash_ LSASS.EXE or lsass.exe (Local Security Assistant is system file located in C:\Windows\Sytstem32, whereas ISASS.exe or isass.exe is the virus file Deutsch: Also, der Prozess lsass.exe ist in Ordnung, allerdings muss My problem is that whenever I start MSN it will terminate wityh status code 128.

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