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See also: Link Brainiac I know that this file is properly referred to as Lsass (and I know better than to refer to it as lsass.exe w/ alower case L). to keep it inside and keep others out. help I don`t know nothing , but I need help getting rid of it Sasser abuses it. Antivirus programs can detect and clean this file if it has become infected. weblink

anthony symantec associated the "sasser worm" with this Anthony Part of the Windows OP system Lisa As before has been mentioned, a completely innocent system process and a dangerous virus come The older computer which was previously shutting down now works fine. !!! However, on Windows Server 2003 with IIS installed, this thing keeps restarting my dear little server, which connects to some twenty clients. If lsass.exe is located in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers folder, the security rating is 81% dangerous.

A Person i am using windows 2003 server and having problem with lsass.exe and shution down the server within 6x seconds then i have set the permission this file to deny Other processes that the user initiates inherit this token for them that says it a viruse are scare mungering, yes if it fails ur pc will shut down, See also: Link Because this file is part of Microsoft Windows users should never delete or remove this file if they think it is infected, let the antivirus program handle it.

i have just reformatted my PC but still having the same problem Buto Man For 2 weeks i try to fix it. If you ever get this virus, your best bet is to make a parallel copy of Windows (if at all possible), then copy impotant files onto disk. You have to download the patch from microsoft to fix it. IG My lsass.exe is not a virus (I have sp2 and Norton), but the problem is that it works continously, accessing the disk.

From what I understand, anything that causes LSASS to operate improperly will cause the NT Authority Service to reboot the computer. If lsass.exe is located in the "C:\Program Files\Common Files" folder, the security rating is 40% dangerous. Well, all kinds of hell that caused. Check this with Security Task Manager.

But there's a bug inside which brings up the problem. then type Shutdown-a. lsass.exe is a lower case L. W32.SPYBOT.WORM CAN ATTACH TO IT.

The file size is 93,696bytes (15% of all occurrences), 7,079,444bytes and 9 more variants. useful source To activate the windows XP firewall click on control panel, network and internet connections, My network places(in top left hand corner), view my network places(top left hand corner) then right click This manages and starts the ISAKMP/Oakley (IKE) and the IP security driver in Windows Server. alex k.

There are malicious processes under the same name, sometimes you can tell if they're fake if they're under a user name other than SYSTEM. byharby lsass.exe is a virus,trojan. If lsass.exe is located in the user's "Documents" folder, the security rating is 64% dangerous. don't delete it.

Always have an antivirus running in the background. Open the internet, then an error box from Microsoft appear(send the prob. Paul THIS IS A COBRA FOR ANY COMPUTER JHAKKAS lsass.exe is not a virus. I did what I was told to at the site that I have linked and my system is functioning normally again.

use a virus removal tool in safe mode and you may get lucky See also: Link Kalhau I was infected by Sasser. Use Stinger from the McAfee site. The problem (for the OS file) is to let him outbound to internet or not...

When authentication is successful, lsass.exe generates a user access token, which is used to launch the initial shell.

Added by the RATSOU.B TROJAN! To this end, LSASS performs several important functions to ensure that the system remains free from unauthorized access and is protected from a wide range of viruses and bugs. This is performed by using authentication packages such as the default, Msgina.dll. KRYSIS It won't allow me to access my system.

Lsass.exe is able to monitor applications and manipulate other programs. In other cases, lsass.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! Window system file. In order to prevent malware from attacking/abusing it, make sure to keep windows updated.

Essentially, LSASS is part of the process for maintaining and enforcing the security protocols on the operating system. Rohit if lsass.exe can provide a shutdown im not so sure. it lurks within your network... Lsass.exe is NOT the worm itself.

The file size is 32,256bytes. Phaneendra I am a CompuITA Certified Virus Inspector, this program is not a virus Xwassac Studios runs ping.exe multiple times and shut downs the computer where i do cmd or msconfig The name of the virus file begins with an upper case or capital "I" (EYE), whereas the name of the system file (lsass.exe) begins with a lower case or small "L" Chas I found it after I disabled xp`s firwall and alg.exe dissapeared dave seems to be both a system process and a virus Gordon This file appears to shut down your

Farid sabotages Messenger restart in 60seconds error Matt Error messages containing lsass.exe indicate Sasser-worm. rahul soni Not much, but when the 60 sec thing comes up, go to run and enter shutdown -a. Sometimes i can set task priority to LOW (that helps), but most times i get an "access denied". After booting into Windows click Start and then Run In the run line type: shutdown -a and press enter.

If you have any third party appllications or vb programs which calls the windows api's and if the function fails then their will be lsass.exe error adil akthar when i am it times me out and reboot my computer Antonio Bell This file has been causing problems lately... As you go online, after sometime, the reboot dialog comes with a time span 60 seconds. NOT SASSER VIRUS Sucks..I can't get into safe mode, My computer starting shutting down..Now It won't even boot up into windows..Keeps saying lsass.exe error found..