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Love reading others lack of knowledge here on the subject.. john Doe problem at startup uday i kno that it restarts your pc and only gives you 60 seconds to save everything Andrew DO NOT DELETE! Other variations include shutdown times of 30s and 124s. This process is a security risk and should be removed from your system.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. There is no file information. i tried a fresh install and i cant finish it as it keeps giving this message... NEO When i try to get back to windows it comes up with system error Lsass.exe and below it, it says "insufficient resources to start API" how the hell do i

LordScav PC shuts down the system with code 1073741819 See also: Link Mark It is required for Win2000 & XP to work. Then after 60secs, it will reboot my Pc. Tracey system shutdowning sure wish someone would just say it in lay man's terms how to get rid of these 'timeout' and computer freezes.

help I don`t know nothing , but I need help getting rid of it Sasser abuses it. It displays "lsass.exe terminated unexpectfully with status code 128. However, there are other variants also, but i couldnt try those. explorer.exe) Recommended by: Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Site Map Copyright © Uniblue Systems Limited 2007.

Some viruses also infect this file, but it IS an important Windows component, so don't "fix" it by attempting to delete it. But it sure seems like it's taking up alot of processor power. Note: The lsass.exe file is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. http://www.file.net/process/lsas.exe.html If you have proces starting with l -- that's windows file for logon :) Anyone who thinks this is "dangerous" has no idea what they're doing.

all gave my system a clean bill of health. Enter the recovery console by pressing the R key, and then logging into Windows. Antivirus and have run the patch in Windows, still not removed it might be some kind of worm called blaster or sasser but cant clean it yet, I consider it's dangerous. Mostly you do not need to reboot.

Have built up another computer with same spec's as faulty one and put on same network. Samsrv.dll . Only do so when it is not located in win\syst32\ otherwise windows wil not start the next logon. In the case of a domain controller , which is a computer that has Active Directory installed, these policies and accounts are the ones that are in effect for the domain

N8 Ting What i dont understand is everyone wants to argue, its a virus, its a system file, but the fact remains, i still get the error on boot and how The file size is 204,998bytes (33% of all occurrences), 394,752bytes or 391,168bytes. It appears as though the lsass service just crashes. If you delete it, or confuse this with a virus, you are retarded and shouldn't be using computers.

goto start and run and type "shutdawn -a" and u will be happy IT'S NOT DANGEROUS!!! Never come across this before in older Windows. IG My lsass.exe is not a virus (I have sp2 and Norton), but the problem is that it works continously, accessing the disk. Reboot into safe mode scan c:\windows\lsass.exe if trojan still there Norton should then remove it.

Read also the 631 reviews. 21125 users ask for this file. 269users rated it as not dangerous. 29users rated it as not so dangerous. 138users rated it as neutral. 84users rated However, you may need to run shutdown -a again to prevent the computer from automatically restarting again. josue This is really shit it just reboots ur computer when u go to the internet and my symantec cant remove it and not even my virus scanner!!!

Edward R.

Windows system error file name no found. Cruel Device As has been said, the worm exploits a bug in lsass.exe that causes it to crash. Paul THIS IS A COBRA FOR ANY COMPUTER JHAKKAS lsass.exe is not a virus. lsass сканер Security Task Manager показывает все запущенные сервисы Windows, включая внедренные скрытые приложения (например, мониторинг клавиатуры или браузера, авто вход). Уникальный рейтинг надежности указывает на вероятность того, что процесс потенциально

rahul soni Not much, but when the 60 sec thing comes up, go to run and enter shutdown -a. John it become dangerous only when it is not in safe hands, since this file is associated with the windows logon authentiction, so if some one gets control over this file Executable files may, in some cases, harm your computer. Recommended: Identify lsas.exe related errors If lsas.exe is located in the C:\Windows folder, the security rating is 78% dangerous.

Ryan it is not a virus or any. its "unexpectedly terminating", and shutting the comp down God Cheese` This FIlename is used by some virus & due to this the system shutdown rapidly and also no network path is Farid sabotages Messenger restart in 60seconds error Matt Error messages containing lsass.exe indicate Sasser-worm. if u r adminstrator of the computer Iftikhar aziz Don't confuses Isass.exe with Lsass.exe, under the right font they look the same. "I" is the virus "L" is a real system

If no administrator password exists, press ENTER. 2. Run Security Task Manager to check your lsass process 2. Retrieved 2016-05-24. ^ "The Best Way To Remove Lsass.exe Virus - Fix Lsass Process". Knute Its dangerous when you got a blaster worm, when ever you go to the internet lsass initializes a shutdown of your computer.

Filip Baba Just a windows file. We are talking about the windows process in this web page, not the virus! It has wrecked one of my computers and has forced me to format another. BrianG Windows critical updates include this file.

After the file has been renamed, close the find window, click Start, Run, and type: nbtstat -R and press enter. it times me out and reboot my computer Antonio Bell This file has been causing problems lately... BEWARE!!! How did i get this and is it the sasser worm?

Lsass.exe is NOT the worm itself. It is not a Windows system file.